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  • Try an Eco Swap you’ve been putting off!

    Try an Eco swap you’ve been putting off!!! We all want to live more sustainably!!

    Go on!!! Whatever it is, just give it a go!! Try it for a couple weeks, it’s probably a lot easier than you think!!! Zero  waste is a journey and its just a matter of getting started!
  • Intro to Cloth Nappies

    AnniePooh is Irelands cloth nappy specialist!  We’ve been selling cloth nappies since 2011!! Cloth Nappies can be done full time or part time, even...
  • Furoshiki

    Zero waste wrapping needn't be bland. Funk it up with some fabulous fabrics and go all out Furoshiki this Christmas!
  • Back to school already???

    Getting back to school sustainably doesn't need to be a hassle. Drinks, lunches, masterpieces and memoirs - we have you covered for all your zero waste back to school essentials.
  • The Goldilocks Guide - Cups & bottles

    Goldilocks Guide to getting your reusable cup or reusable bottle just right. From reusable coffee cups to savvy soup carriers, we help you pick the right bottle for you.
  • The Lowdown on Lathering up!

    Ah the humble soap bar! Zero waste and a great multi tasker but we've come a long way from the big old pink bar of carbolic. Check out our at a glance guide to Soap and which fancy bar will suit you best.
  • The Zero Waste Bathroom Cabinet

    Top 6 easy bathroom swaps to help turn your bathroom into a zero waste den of zen.....whilst saving the planet of course!
  • Whats the deal with flour?


    Where is it all? Who still has some and how can I get my bakers' hands on it? EcoAnniePooh explains why organic flour is up on a pedestal right now and why stoneground flour is the holy grail of flours.

  • What about Cloth Nappies?!

    Cloth Nappies, the low down
  • Welcome to AnniePooh

    I'm Ann and I run Eco AnniePooh and our Zero waste shop in Greystones “&Keep”.

    I'm a Mum of 4 and a bit obsessed with trying to cut out our plastic use! Its been easy so far but I've a long way to go.For those of you who don't know where to start, I say just start!! Pick one thing and go for it!