Back to school already???

Back to school already???

         August, already? How did that happen?

With all of the drama that 2020 has given us so far, we could all do with as little hassle as possible as we prepare for the unknown of getting back to school post pandemic.  With plenty of time during lockdown to reassess what is really important, many parents are looking to more sustainable options when selecting back to school essentials this month. 

We have pulled together a mix of best sellers and new comers to make it easy for you to choose zero waste going back to school in 2020.

Sustainable lunch bags, boxes & tins. 

Sustainable drinks bottles.

Sustainable pencils.

We told you we would make it easy!

And when September hits and everyone is back to school, you can chill out on one of our super slick cork yoga mats - you can namaste us later!

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