Intro to Cloth Nappies

Intro to Cloth Nappies

AnniePooh is Irelands cloth nappy specialist!  We’ve been selling cloth nappies since 2011!!
Cloth Nappies can be done full time or part time, even one cloth nappy a day will save 365 nappies a year going in your bins!!! They will save you money and keep nasty chemicals away from your baby’s delicate skin. 

At AnniePooh we are here to help you get started.
Warning ⚠️ cloth nappies are addictive!! 😂 


AnniePooh sells 6 different brands and 4 types of nappies.

Our brands:

1. Blueberry 

2. Buttons

3. Alcmena

4. Monarch

5. Baba+Boo

6. Pukunui (made in Ireland) 


Cloth nappy types at AnniePooh:

1. Pockets nappies

2. Snap & Wipe nappies.

3. All in ones

4. Fitteds


1. A pocket nappy is simply the water proof part of the nappy attached to the inner liner with an opening at one end like a big pocket where you pop the absorbency (inserts) into.

They are very handy, you can put anything in the pockets; inserts, folded Muslim cloth, folded terrys even a folded face cloth! 

With pockets the whole nappy goes in the nappy bucket each change. (Baba+Boo, Alcmena V1.5 and Monarch Classic) 


2. Snap & Wipe has a water proof cover that you clip the inserts into. With these you can take a wet insert out, wipe the waterproof cover and pop another insert in so there’s less washing as you reuse the cover. (Buttons, Alcmena V3.5 and Monarch Ultimate) 


3. All in ones have the absorbency sewn in but they also have a pocket if you need to add more absorbency. The whole nappy is changed each time. (Blueberry Simplex) 



4. A fitted nappy is a nappy without a waterproof outter so you need to put a waterproof cover (also called wrap) or a wool/fleece pants over the fitted nappy. These are a great night or heavy wetter option. (Pukunui) 


Any cloth nappy questions just get in touch or pop into AnniePooh in Greystones. 
Click here for our cloth nappy section 

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