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Baba+Boo Cloth Period Pad Large (old ex large)
Baba+Boo Cloth Period Pad Large (old ex large)

Baba+Boo Cloth Period Pad Large (old ex large)

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700,000 period pads go into bins everyday in ireland.
Most women throw away around 11,000 plastic-filled sanitary products, and spend over €1000 for the privilege.

Reusable period pads are a bit like reusable wipes - once you've tried them you'll wish you'd swapped earlier.

Baba+Boo cloth period pads (often called CSP) are made of with a layer of comfortable, super-soft bamboo charcoal fleece and an absorbent inner layer. There is a hidden waterproof layer that's made from the same breathable PUL which makes our nappies so popular. 

The poppers mean your pads stay firmly in place so that slips and leaks are a thing of the past.

large is 26x18cm. It's perfect for heavier days and night time

medium is 19x17cm. It's perfect for day time use


Pre-wash your pads a couple of times before you use them for the first time to increase their absorbency.

Simply pop them in your bag and when your period has finished wash them all upto 60 degrees. Please don't use fabric conditioner as this will make your pads less absorbent.

Avoid direct heat - air drying is best.


These pads are made with an outer layer of bamboo charcoal fleece, which is super-absorbent, reduces smells and is lovely and soft. Inside the pad is an absorbent layer of microfibre and a layer of waterproof PUL.