What about Cloth Nappies?!

What about Cloth Nappies?!

Have you ever considered using cloth nappies? I'm curious!! If not, why not? Is it that you think they are hard work? or is it something else? I'd love to know! Let me know!!!

I used cloth nappies on my 3rd and 4th. I didn't know about them on my first and I'd say they were pretty primitive back then anyway!! I used eco disposables on my second baby. When number 3 came along I decided to give eco friendly cloth nappies a try and never looked back. 

I bought a few different types of nappies to see what I liked best. Now there is the Cloth Nappy Library Ireland so you can get a 2 week loan to give cloth a try. So handy, see which nappies suit your baby and you. They also host nappuccinos where you can meet other parents, some new to cloth and some experienced. Your local library meets once a month. Hosted by a volunteer who is an experienced cloth nappy user and a kit of at least 10 different nappies for you to borrow and compare.

This is how it works! You need a nappy bucket with a mesh liner to line the bucket or a large wet bag.  No liquid is put in the bucket to soak the nappies like years ago. When your baby needs a change, you take off their nappy, knock any poo into the loo and throw your nappy into your bucket. After 2-3 days (depending on how many nappies you have) you grab the mesh bag full of nappies and throw it in the washing machine. Do a cold rinse, then wash at up 60 degrees. I usually washed at 40 degrees and every now an then did a 60 degree wash. When washed pop them on the line. You can use a low heat setting on the drier but if you've space, a line or clothes horse is better for environmental reasons.

It’s an extra couple of washes a week, that’s all. You don’t have the poosplosions you get with disposables, you can’t run out of nappies and have to run to the shop when you just don’t have time, they save you a lot of money........

So that's it! I have to mention how cute they are and how great it is not to have nasty chemicals near your baby's delicate skin. Never mind that they save you a lot of money.

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