The Goldilocks Guide - Cups & bottles

The Goldilocks Guide - Cups & bottles

For some of us, the easing of restrictions is about picking up on old routines again and for some, it's about a fresh start, making good choices and valuing the little things that little bit more. 

Having lost both of my glass keep cups (to a toddler on tiles) during lockdown, I was back on the hunt for 'a decent reusable'. I use mine everyday and it goes everywhere with me so needs to be just right!

If you are time poor, you might want to grab our reusable lunch kit and go straight to the check out. 

Here's the Goldilocks guide to getting it 'just right' when choosing your reusable tipple transporter. 

What will be going into it?

- for coffee only, choose a cup that you will enjoy drinking out of. no one likes a clout in the snout while trying to extract coffee through a miniscule hole (no matter how environmentally friendly it is!) The clear winner here and made from recycled coffee cups to boot:       

- for a cold flow whilst exercising, you will most likely want to go with a smaller opening or something like a 'quench cap' from one green bottle.                  

- for hot & cold beverages, a cup will work for both but check the insulation to make sure it will keep hot & cold for as long as you need.                               

- for soup, a wide neck bottle will serve you well. (Hot minestrone on your mid way hike break is the bomb!)


Where will it be going?

- if it's going to live on your desk, you will be safe with most options we have available. this one pips it for me, sparking joy at every glimpse 

- If you are planning on dragging it over hills and down through vales, metal is best - light weight and resistant to knocks and drops.     

- If you will be using it in your car or on your bike, you will want to make sure it fits in your cup or bottle holder 


How often will I use it?

- Washing your cup every day is no problem. Washing your cup when you're trying to do 6 other things and get out the door on time is another matter completely. If your cup is a hassle to put together or is dirty when you need it, you won't use it. Choose one that fits your lifestyle. For me, dishwasher safe is a priority!

- If you are using your cup or bottle every day, choose the best one you can within your budget. It will pay off. Make sure it feels great in your hand and that it is easy to grab & go. 

Check out our full range of on the go cups and bottles, visit us here:

In case you're Goldilocks vestibule turned out to be the Quench bottle from One Green Bottle. Wide enough for soup if needed, easy to clean due to the wide neck, I can get a replaceable top if I lose or break one and I have to admit, I am a little bit smitten with the colour too!


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