The Lowdown on Lathering up!

The Lowdown on Lathering up!


As with anything that you will be putting on your skin, you may need to try & test a couple of options to get the right soap for you. Here to make the zero waste soap switch less daunting is our at a glance guide to lathering up!

Sensitive/Dry skin

  • Chamomile & Calendula Oat soap is a great place to start. Widely known for their skin soothing properties, Chamomile & Calendula soothe irritated skin, calm down inflammation,  and can even aid in the healing of minor injuries. Naturally occuring anti bacterial properties mean this zero waste soap is even suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin. 

Oily skin

  • Airmid Activated Charcoal detox bar is a winner for oily / acne prone skin. Deep cleansing, pore reducing and gently exfoliating, the activated charcoal helps remove impurities and toxins from the skin whilst Clary Sage essential oil actively fights Staphylococcus bacteria, one of the key causes of bacteria and skin infections. 

Combination skin

  • Ylang Ylang and Patchouli soap from Three Hills. This is a real powerhouse of a soap. Suitable for all skin types - sensitive, eczema prone, oily or acne prone. Patchouli is known for its antiseptic properties and is great for reducing inflammation. Highly uplifting, it is beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, stress and depression. The balancing and calming properties of Ylang Ylang make it ideal for balancing not just your skins’ sebum levels but also your mind. 

For all the family

  • Green Man Shaving Soap - once you try shaving with real soap, you will never go back to commercial shaving foams. Jam packed with healthy and hardworking vitamins and minerals along with bentonite clay, a natural detoxifier. The fluffy lather along with extra slip make for a silky smooth shave every time. 
  • Irish Handmade Pure Chamomile Soap contains no essential oils, just chamomile tea & seeds. A gentle soap with moisturising & conditioning qualities. Also suitable for younger children. 
  • Award winning uk company, The dog & I have created a super range of natural dog & horse grooming products.  Using coconut, known for its anti-fungal and anti inflammatory properties and oatmeal for grip, The dog & I make it easy to include all of the family on your zero waste journey!

The all rounder!

I couldn’t write a guide to soap without including our Organic Marseille Olive Oil soap cube. A sterling all rounder which will certainly earn its keep! Hair, body, shaving, laundry, dishes, insecticide and stain remover….you get the gist!
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