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Yogandha Detox Oil

Yogandha Detox Oil

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I’m delighted to welcome Yogandha to AnniePooh!!

Toxins surround us. As part of your daily detox ritual, use Detox Body Oil in the morning, in the shower or directly on the skin, to boost lymphatic drainage. This Gandha ritual is a moment of self-connection before you start your day.


Fragrance – Clean, refreshing lemongrass.

  • Refreshing Lemongrass stimulates the kidneys and is thought to help lower cholesterol
  • Cleansing Juniperberry purifies and detoxes the body
  • Sweet Fennel is a great digestive – so will ease tummies after eating
  • Juniper berries are nature's antioxidants.


Apply all over every morning, including whilst in the shower – the oil will trap the water and pull into the skin to deeply hydrate.

If you are partying – apply before going out to give the liver and kidneys a boost. Then the next morning use in bath/shower and apply all over when you get out too.

A great environmental detoxifier – so do use every day.

Mantra: om vajrasattva hum (mantra of purification)

Cautions: External use only. Not suitable for pregnancy

Sweet fennel is contraindicated for people with epilepsy and for liver disorders. Juniper berry should be avoided for kidney disorders. This is because these herbs get those organs to work harder & it can help to balance them – but if you already have a disorder of these processing organs, I would only recommend using under supervision.

Use within 6 months of opening. 125ml.