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Monarch Hybrid Fitted Nappy LOSFM 10-22kg
Monarch Hybrid Fitted Nappy LOSFM 10-22kg

Monarch Hybrid Fitted Nappy LOSFM 10-22kg

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Designed with those power wetters in mind, we are delighted to introduce Monarch’s NEW CONCEPT Hybrid Fitted Nappy Cover!
The innovative Hybrid Fitted Nappy is lined with four layers of soft and absorbent bamboo terry and features a built in water resistant PUL outer, so no additional cover is required! Pair with your favourite combination of Monarch’s ultra thirsty inserts for the MOST ABSORBENT nappy on the market

LOSFM - Fits 10-22kg (22lbs-48.5lbs) 

    • These have been created with plenty of room for boosting! Simply layer as many inserts as you like to achieve the perfect absorbency for your child, without compromising on the fit!
  • Adjustable hip and rise snaps to achieve the perfect fit every time:
    • LOSFM features three columns of rise snaps
  • Absorbent lining:
    • The inner is lined with four layers of soft and absorbent bamboo to provide even more absorbency than Monarch’s best-selling Ultimate Nappy, when paired with the Ultimate Heavy Wetter insert set  
    • The perfect night nappy for those super wetters!
    • The Hybrid Fitted Nappy can even be used without inserts for light wetters or toilet training toddlers to catch those small accidents
  • Super soft elastics for maximum comfort and no red marks!


**LOSFM = Large one size fits most

About Monarch:

Monarch was set up by Kang and Eunica, a Sydney-based couple passionate about making a social and environmental difference! They started Alcmena because they wanted it to be a self-sustaining avenue for real change.

Monarch Donate (a minimum of)10% of all profits to a charity nominated by their customers each year!

”Our nappies are designed in Australia - the features are created by me (Eunica) and the prints are either sourced in-house (i.e. my creative husband, Kang) or by other talented artists. The manufacturing is done ethically overseas in China through companies with whom we have long-standing relationships. We chose this path as it allowed our nappies to be more affordable and available to more families. We are completely transparent about how our nappies are made, so please feel free to ask any questions. 

We created Alcmena so we could do our little bit to make the world a better place - profits are nice, but money alone has no lasting impact. It's what you do with it that does.” Eunica 

Monarch nappies are sent directly from China to AnniePooh and not to Australia and then on to Ireland!!