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Aarke Carbonator (makes sparkling water!) Black Chrome
Aarke Carbonator (makes sparkling water!) Black Chrome

Aarke Carbonator (makes sparkling water!) Black Chrome

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More Bubbles, Less Plastic, Sleek & Sustainable! 

A minimalist sparkling water maker featuring compact design and top of the line user-friendly engineering.

Every minute, one million single-use plastic bottles are sold around the world and the majority do not get recycled. 

Specifically engineered with seamless user experience in mind, the sparkling water maker also works to encourage a sustainable lifestyle, eliminating the need for shop bought single-use plastic bottles.

Rubber Base
Looking to ensure scratch-free placement? We have you covered. Each Carbonator comes with a rubber-fitted foot, to ensure solid placement, no scratches, and the machine’s optimal comfort (we imagine it gets a bit tired standing all day!) 

  • 2 year warranty
  • Includes BPA Free water bottle 800ml
  • Cordless & electricity free
  • Compatible with many standard gas cylinders such as Sodastream, Linde & AGA
  • Does not come with gas cylinder 
  • Each gas cylinder = 60L 


Dimensions:  414 x 152 x 258mm

Weight: 1450g

How to use:

  1. Fill the bottle: Rinse the bottle with lukewarm water before first time use. Fill with cold, clean water up to the marked filling line. 
  2. Attach the bottle: Place the bottle in the socket and begin to screw in with a counterclockwise motion. Doesn’t need to be too tight but make sure it’s straight
  3. Carbonate the water: Pull and gently hold the lever down until you hear a persistent buzzing noise from the valve
  4. Release the bottle: Release the lever back to its resting position. The remaining pressure in the bottle will automatically release with
    a puff sound. Unscrew and remove the bottle from the machine. 
  5. Enjoy your sparkling drinks without single use!