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Zero Waste Food Refills

Overcoming the fear...

The first time I walked into a zero waste shop, I have to say it all felt a bit strange. The food refill dispensers were lovely, full of bright colours and the array of options was impressive. I really wanted to get my hands on some of that lovely package free produce. Being an avid zero waster for as long as I can remember, I was in my utopia but how should I approach this fancy food refill station? Should I ask for permission to dispense?

So how does it all work?

You'll be glad to know it's all fairly simple. 

  • You can bring your own clean jar, bag, tub and weigh it on our scales before you fill OR you can use our brown paper bags.
  • Choose your refill item and use the scoop to dispense exactly how much you need. 
  • Weigh your bag, jar, tub or brown paper bag and put the sticker on it. 
  • Pay


Why choose food refills?

The most obvious reason is that you are drastically cutting down on your waste. Why buy everything packaged just to get it home and fill up your bin with packaging and then paying to have the waste taken away again? We radically need to change our habits if we want our lovely planet to continue to function and this is just one easy step in the change we need to make. 

You only buy what you need. How many times have you bought a food ingredient only for it to languish in the cupboard. Not anymore. If you already use jars at home, you will feel the pain of decanting only to be left with a niggly bit in the packet which won't fit. Not anymore. 


Zero Waste Deliveries

All delivery orders are dispensed in brown paper bags. We use recycled packaging. 

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