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DENTTABS toothpaste tablets Refill 62 (20g) - Ecoanniepooh

DENTTABS toothpaste tablets Refill 62 (20g)

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I am so pleased to bring DENTTABS Teethcleaning Tablets to you! They are THE sustainable alternative to toothpaste.
They are 100% plastic-free, ecological and free from preservatives, artificial stibilizers and any other unnecessary ingredients!
As they don’t contain water they need no preserving chemicals like most toothpastes in a tube 

With DENTTABS your teeth are polished. This requires a particularly soft tool. We therefore recommend toothbrushes with soft bristles. 

DENTTABS are available in fluoride (1450ppm) and fluoride free

DENTTABS are free from

  • preservatives,
  • germ-inhibiting substances, 
  • binders 
  • aluminium and nanoparticles
  • Gluten
  • Vegan friendly


DENTTABS cellulose, silica, Orgsnic mint & menthol flavour, surfactant (sodium lauroyl glutamate( soap, stevioside(to counteract the bitter taste of silica), Vitamin C, Natriumhydrogencarbonate(baking soda) and sodium fluoride