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Glow Circle Aventurine Jade Roller
Glow Circle Aventurine Jade Roller

Glow Circle Aventurine Jade Roller

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Your Glow Circle Jade Roller gives you a lymphatic massage which, as part of your skincare routine, helps to eliminate toxins, reduce puffiness, improve blood flow and evens out skin tone. (Wow!!!) 

When used after moisturising it helps you absorb your facial products better


  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Improves blood circulation and skin tone
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Reduces puffiness and wrinkles
  • Reduces dark circles under your eyes
  • It’s also good for sinus relief


How to use:

Roll in upwards and outwards strokes.
The small stone is perfect for the eye area, roll from the inner eye outwards. The larger end can be used for the rest of face and neck.

The stone is naturally cool but pop it in the fridge for a few minutes for extra cooling benefits


About Glow Circle:

Glow Circle is a new Irish company run by Stefanie.  She is a busy wife, a mother of two boys and a Financial Services professional.

Stefanie has a keen interest and passion for Beauty Nutrition, Sustainable Living, Cosmetic Formulation and Ayurvedic Practices. Stefanie works with industry experts and chemists in order to formulate products which focus on pouring goodness into your skin to promote glow health benefits using plant-based ingredients.