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Airmid Lavender Soap & Lotion Gift Set - Ecoanniepooh

Airmid Lavender Soap & Lotion Gift Set

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Relax and unwind with our luxurious handmade lavender soap and hand poured lavender lotion bar beautifully packaged in a sustainable gift box.

Pamper your hands! With all this hand washing at the moment, we need to look after our hands, this gift set does just that with a gentle, natural soap to cleanse and lotion bar to protect and moisturise  

Airmid homegrown lavender scented with pure essential oils of calming lavender, fresh tea tree and fruity lemon.

Experience the sensual and luxurious feel of a handmade lotion bar that is full of natural ingredients and will moisturise and protect your skin, with a heavenly scent!