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WUKA® Period Pants  (Light Flow) - Ecoanniepooh
WUKA® Period Pants  (Light Flow) - Ecoanniepooh
WUKA® Period Pants  (Light Flow) - Ecoanniepooh

WUKA® Period Pants (Light Flow)

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The world's most comfortable, hygienic, luxurious and eco-friendly period underwear. 
Period pants look and feel like your regular underwear but they are leakproof underwear, which means you don't have to wear a pad, a tampon or menstrual cup if you wear them during your period.
WUKA is your complete tampon and pad replacement,

Wuka light flow period pants are great for your lighter days, end of your period or the beginning of your period. No more period surprises.

  • Wear it up to 8 hours on light days
  • Holds at least 5ml of period flow or light leaks - around 1 tampons worth
  • WUKA light underwear can absorb up to 5 ml of any kind of flow, like your period, stress or urge incontinence or vaginal discharge
  • Luxurious, soft and stretchy Lenzing® MicroModal fabric that is CO2 neutral and 3.5x softer than fine cotton. Combined with our super absorbent hi-tech fabric and a breathable moisture barrier our pants are uniquely period proof.
  • Vegan Approved - Registered with the Vegan Society
  •  Midi brief style with full coverage at the back without feeling bulkY
  • Machine wash at 40° and line dry. Rinse after use. For quick drying results, give it an extra spin. No tumble drying, no fabric softener (affects absorbency) 

No returns on period pants